Two Puntland Soldiers Killed in Ambush (Somaliareport)

At least two government soldiers have been killed and three injured in an ambush believed to have been carried out by militia loyal to Mohamed Siad Atam, who is battling the Puntland authorities in the mountainous area of Galgala.

Puntland officials told Somalia Report that a convoy was targeted by an Improvised Explosive Device in the village of Togga Sugure, 18 kilometers west of Galgala village. Gunmen then opened fire on the convoy.

Puntland has accused militant Islamist group al-Shabaab, working through Atam, of trying to destabilize the semi-autonomous state, but the militia leader denies this.

“These actions started before our revolt and it is clan-based conflict,” he said in May. “We are not against peace with Puntland, we are protecting our own territories … and our oil resources.

Dozens have died in battles in recent months, and security force have launched operations aimed at flushing out Atam and his men from their Galgala stronghold. However, the militia leader has remained steadfast, and last week attacked a checkpoint close to Galgala village. Some residents, fearful of being caught up in clashes, have abandoned the area


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